Global Invetments
Global Investment Israel (Headquarters) LTD.
Global Investment LTD, locates, initiates, plans, manages and promotes international
real estate enterprises. Our overall solutions are well known thanks to our ability
to trace, purchase and improve lands and properties, design and control environmental
development, marketing, sales and outstanding relationships with local municipalities
and contractors.

Global Investment Romania LTD.
Joint investment ventures with municipalities to establish a residential complex that
includes residential buildings, shops and fitness clubs and spas, from finding land,
T.P.S, land reclamation, environmental development, construction, marketing, sales
and occupancy.

Global Investment Serbia LTD.
Collective investment initiative in Serbia with a local real estate groups to
improve land and real estate Projects initiating national scale , many of them
direct cooperation with municipalities.

Global Investment Riga LTD.
The company is engaged in the purchase of land for residential purpose and
their training, from the acquisition, rezoning, planning, issuing building permits.